JAVA Recycled Teak Co.

Java Recycled Teak Co. specializes in transforming reclaimed lumber into flooring, decking, and paneling for your home. This involves multiple steps in selection, preparation, and manufacturing before it is transported to us for your project. 

Java's experts select the perfect pieces of lumber that have proper color and strength, as well as the right amount of weathering that creates a "patina" on the surface to ensure that the proper look is locked into every piece that ships. 

The lumber is stabilized and restored to be sure there are no foreign elements that will take away from the look and quality of the lumber. A smoothing process is applied to retain the natural sheen of the teak. 

These pieces are then put through a combination of hand and machine refinement where the lumber is cut and turned into the final product.

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Oky Asmarani - Solid Flooring

Oky Asmarani - Solid Decking 150 mm widt

Oky Asmarani - Lamella Multistrip Rugged

Oky Asmarani - Solid Decking 80-110 mm w

Oky Asmarani - Lamella Multistrip Painte

Oky Asmarani - Rugged Patina

Oky Asmarani - Non Patina

Oky Asmarani - Lamella Multistrip Non Pa

Oky Asmarani - Lamella Multistrip Bright

Oky Asmarani - Flooring Rugged Patina

Oky Asmarani - Flooring Non Patina

Oky Asmarani - Decorative Plywood Painte

Oky Asmarani - Flooring Classico Patina.

Oky Asmarani - Decorative Plywood Non Pa

Oky Asmarani - Flooring Bright Patina

Oky Asmarani - Decorative Plywood Rugged

Oky Asmarani - Decorative Plywood Bright

Oky Asmarani - 2019-07-04 04-11-37 - 1

Oky Asmarani - Classico Patina

Oky Asmarani - Arrow Profile

Oky Asmarani - Bright Patina

Oky Asmarani - 2

Oky Asmarani - 1

Oky Asmarani - Flooring Bright Patina

Oky Asmarani - Solid Flooring - Arrow pr

Oky Asmarani - 2

Oky Asmarani - 1

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