This company supplies "Carefully Crafted Timber" from the sustainable Kaingaroa forest in New Zealand. This forest produces the finest Radiata Pine available, and the forest is an FSC-Certified, rapidly renewable plantation forest. This ensures that the lumber harvested does not destroy old-growth forest trees. The processing of this lumber is also done locally to minimize the impact on the environment through unnecessary shipping and the use of fossil fuels.

In addition to its sustainability, this lumber is superior because of the way it is processed. The trees are pruned early to ensure less waste during the milling process. After that, the lumber is put through a thermal modification process where it is kiln-dried to a specific temperature to increase the durability and stability of the lumber for its lifespan. 

From this lumber, Abodo creates vertical and horizontal cladding, decking, screening, and panelling. These products can be used on multiple areas of your home from the walls to outside areas, and also comes in a number of natural timber finishes. 

Take a look at our gallery below to see some of the great things that you can create with Abodo, then use our contact form to request more information or get a quote.