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"Mimosa" – A mixing of orange juice and champagne which greatly improves the orange.

Ever had one? Anyone can enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice, but only a few dare to add a tinge of champagne. Treat your project like the gem you know it is. Exotic wood floors, beautiful countertop options, and decking choices are just the beginning of what will make your orange go zoom... and they are available at Pacific American Lumber.

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A lot of people know us as “Hawaii’s Hardwood Flooring Experts”. Other people think we are the go-to company for decking, millwork and surfacing products for their projects. But did you know we are the sole supplier for the top manufacturer of custom spear guns in the state of Hawaii?

spear gun 2Enter Mike Hatch, self professed dive-alohic and owner of Hatch Customs, Hawaii’s leading supplier of custom hand-made spear guns. When he isn’t traveling the world competing in free dive tournaments, you can find him in his garage gluing up, shaping, and finishing one of his highly sought after guns.  As he likes to put it, “My orders come from all over the world but my hardwood only comes from Pacific American Lumber.” When we see Mike pull into the parking lot we are sure of two things: he’s here to buy teak and he’s wearing his “rubbah slippas”.

Despite his island-boy demeanor, Mike brings with him a long lineage of wood crafting handed down from his grandfather and father. Coupled with a keen understanding of what his clients are looking for and a state of the art wood shop, this skill has allowed Mike to grow his business over the past 10 years. He currently produces about 200 guns a year. It may not sound like a formula for success, but the manufacturing is tedious, detailed, and personal.  The final product has no rivals when it comes to quality. Suffice it to say the price per gun makes the effort worth it.

At the end of the day, we are ready to take your wood flooring order at a moments notice… and yes, the 50 sheet plywood order is always nice business. But we also really like selling Mike his teak, especially when he brings a cooler full of fresh fish to share while he’s picking his lumber.

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Top reasons to make Pacific American Lumber your PAL

  • We are Hawaii’s wood flooring experts
  • Over 100 years of combined experience in the wood flooring industry
  • Complete one-stop shop for countertops, decking, railing, and millwork packages
  • Plenty of parking