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"Mimosa" – A mixing of orange juice and champagne which greatly improves the orange.

Ever had one? Anyone can enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice, but only a few dare to add a tinge of champagne. Treat your project like the gem you know it is. Exotic wood floors, beautiful countertop options, and decking choices are just the beginning of what will make your orange go zoom... and they are available at Pacific American Lumber.

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Watch Your CARBs

    Are you CARB compliant? No, we’re not talking about your waistline. We’re talking about the health of your wood floors. CARB stands for the California Air Resource Board, which sets the emission standard for volatile organic compounds (VOC). If you purchased a Ua wood floor from Pacific American Lumber then you have definitely been watching your CARB(s)-CARB compliance that is.
    With the recent outcry in the media over high formaldehyde emission coming from wood flooring products manufactured in China, it is good to know that your Ua wood floor meets or exceeds the emission standards for the United States, Europe, and Japan.
    Not only are Ua wood floors in excellent CARB compliance, but they also emit Far-Infrared rays that have been proven to increase circulation as well as increase metabolic rate. When you choose Ua floors, you are choosing a healthy life.

Healthy Floors, Healthy Living.


*For more information on CARB compliance and the Diamond Series please visit Ua wood floors: Far-Infrared/Diamond Series and take a look at some of our brochures




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  • We are Hawaii’s wood flooring experts
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